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What is the first impression people have of your home, is it looking old? Run down?

Having your home restored with lime mortar not only helps protect your home, it is also beneficial for restoring the traditional look of the stone building

What is it?
House restoration is made up of key aspects which are the removal of cement based pointing or lime mortar which has decayed overtime, also repairing damaged or worn stone and repointing with a suitable lime mortar which will restore the building to its original appearance and also protect it from the weather elements. 
By restoring the stonework of a building you are not only protecting the building from more damage but also returning the building to its original glory.
When carrying out stone restoration we use lime mortar products which are flexible and breathable.  unlike cement based mortars which will crack over time due to them trapping water within the stones and may also cause erosion to the stones.  Lime mortar allows the evaporation of water through the mortar rather than the stones.  Unlike cement, lime mortar will not detach over time as it is a very versatile product. 
Lime mortar materials are also flexible in colour matching to blend with most surfaces therefore helping restore the original appearance of the building. 

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